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Who and what are we? We are a Pride/2SLGBTQIA+ community hub and merch store based in Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada. We aggregate resources, Pride events, and other 2SLGBTQIA+ relevant links both specifically for NL and for the rest of Canada. We sell downloadables and print on demand Pride merch for everyone! We also curate a newsletter and all are welcome to sign up for it.

Yes! International customers and blog followers are absolutely welcome!

Events & Resources

We spread the word about Pride events in NL and across Canada here on the blog and in our newsletter. We also maintain a link list of resources for the 2SLGBTQIA+ community in NL and across Canada. Event organizers and resource owners are welcome and encouraged to pass on links and event information to!

Note that we are not an event organizer ourselves at the moment. Please send all queries about the events we feature to the event organizers. We do look forward to being involved in event organization in the future.

Pride Merch

We sell pride related downloadables and print on demand merch year round! For downloadables check out our on-site store. For a wider variety of produce and world-wide shipping on all the same designs, check out our RedBubble store!

All of our designs are currently the original work of our resident artist Jenna (she/they,) though we will consider licensing work from other local artists in the future (queries currently closed.)

If you feel that any particular design is too close to your own copyrighted content, rest assured it is coincidental, but please kindly email with your concern rather than reporting our shop account. We’ll happily take down any design that is too close to something you can prove was yours first. Please note that this excludes anything that simply isn’t specific enough to be copyrightable, such as generic pride colours overlaid on the shape of Newfoundland & Labrador.

A quick note on intersectionality:

While our resident artist may choose to produce designs with intersectional representation, they refuse to produce designs that could be seen as cultural appropriation. For this reason, we will not sell First Nations inspired designs unless a First Nations artist wishes to license their design(s) to us.